A beautiful home requires extraordinary lighting, yet too often spaces are let down by little or no attention to lighting. At Your Smart Home we realise perfection only comes by establishing a strong relationship between design, artificial lighting and natural light. Our smart homes are designed around you to ensure the lighting not only matches your interior and exterior style but also the everyday demands on the space.

Intelligent lighting not only enhances your home but can also reflect your mood, raise your spirits or relax you. During the day our homes are flooded with natural light but as the sun goes down spaces are transformed by the ambience and detailing of a superior smart lighting design.


Homes are designed to optimise daylight; a well thought out lighting scheme will accentuate and enhance your interior design. We can work with your architect, lighting designer or interior designer to ensure your lighting compliments the architecture, decoration and furniture in your home. Alternatively our team can design a scheme for you; we believe in creating warm, relaxing and inviting living spaces that are flexible, dimmable and effortlessly easy to use.


Lighting can have a huge impact on how we feel. Our control systems feature innovative pre-set lighting scenes that can transform each room in your house at the touch of a button, creating atmospheric, relaxing environments. These lighting modes can also incorporate blind and curtain control to set the tone for a romantic evening, film night or party. We can even program your lighting to respond to elements within a film for a fully immersive experience.

As well as atmospheric lighting we also use our systems to enhance your security. We can programme lighting to come on in individual rooms when you are away from home as well as using advanced presence simulation to give the impression someone is home. We can also automate the opening or closing of blinds/curtains or set your lighting to illuminate escape routes, should an alarm trigger. 


Our intelligent lighting systems can be controlled through automated scenes or manually in a number of ways, including from a simple touch screen, smart phone or smart watch. We can also include voice control of your lighting which is not only great fun for children and guests but also brilliant for families where not everyone is as mobile or comfortable with smart devices.

Our range of light switches are stylishly designed to complement your décor and enhance your overall interior scheme. We have a huge range available including hand crafted, personalised and Italian designs to ensure your humble switches are a piece of art in themselves.


Energy efficiency is a crucial element of any new lighting design. Our smart lighting schemes are low in energy consumption without compromising on quality or functionality. Intelligent lighting incorporates occupancy detection, dimming capabilities, all-off functionality and blind control to encourage a greener home and save you money.


External lighting is ideal for highlighting the architectural features of your home, as well as enabling an expansion of your living spaces outside. YSH offer full design and control of exterior lighting, including, architectural lighting, security lighting, lights that illuminate as you come down the drive and lighting for outdoor entertaining.