Add value to your design services by integrating with Your Smart Home for home technology solutions with services including bespoke installations, infrastructure and cabling designs.

Partnering with YSH offers a simple and easy solution to enhance your product offering to clients. Technology is constantly changing and influences our day to day lives more and more. Our homes and working spaces are no exception to the rise of technology, which is why we believe integrating automation into the very heart of a new design is the best and most future-proof option.

We believe it’s best practice to assess the use of technology in a space during initial design as the way we interact and flow through spaces is partly decided by the technology we use. A quick conversation with us during this phase can ensure seamless integration of technology into your completed design.

As well as conversations around installing a bespoke home control solution we can also advise/design appropriate infrastructure and cabling routes.

At Your smart Home, we believe it is essential to create infrastructure solutions that will stand the test of time. By partnering with us on your project you too can offer your clients a development that is future proof and grow with them as home technology progresses.

We work with architects on a number of basis. Some like to call on us for advice or to offer a solution when a client specifically raises the desire for a connected home or development, others we work with on a house by house basis as required by the client. Please get in touch to see how best we can work together.