Control of heating and air conditioning is an integral part of smart homes. Conventional central heating can be highly inefficient and represents high costs for households, as well as being highly wasteful from an environmental perspective. Home automation from Your Smart Home enables easy control of heating/cooling for each room in your home independently, as well as intelligent schedules and remote access from anywhere in the world. Our smart heating systems are designed for optimum efficiency to reduce household costs and minimise environmental impacts.


When it’s warm outside, your building requires less heating, and conventional systems aren’t very efficient at dealing with this problem. Our systems can, with absolute accuracy, vary the energy used in heating your house with the external temperature and weather, specific to each room in your smart home. Our home control systems enable remote access of your heating or air conditioning so you can control the temperature when you’re away from home via your phone or other smart device; turn the heating back on as you board the plane from your holidays or let your system know you’re running late from work and don’t need the schedule to activate at the normal time.


Temperature is easy to control manually (if you need to override schedules), whether through chic room thermostats which coordinate with your other room switches or through our control app on your smart phone, touch screen etc. As well as adjusting temperatures up and down for each room an easy ‘all off’ button enables the heating (and lighting, audio etc) to be turned off throughout the house as you leave.

We can also integrate fire pits, gas fires, swimming pools, saunas, wine cellars and more into your home control system to ensure the perfect temperature is always maintained (or reached on demand).