At Your Smart Home we know how important it is to be comfortable and connected when you’re away from home. Our systems are perfect for small spaces, including horse boxes, mobile homes, shepherd huts and more!

Our control systems can operate stand-alone or as part of your wider smart home system to integrate your media and audio with your home. We can automate your lighting, heating and security as well as offering TV, media and audio solutions for your living area. We can also integrate power and water level monitoring for off-grid living as well as communicate with and control both 12v and mains voltage systems.

We think our smart solutions are perfect for tiny homes and homes on the move, which is why we have created our very own mobile showroom. Get in touch to see it for yourself.


Almost anything we can do in a standard home can be replicated on a smaller scale to your horsebox living area, including lighting, heating, audio, security and more. Our systems can also aid the comfort of your horses when away from home, with options including heating levels for your box being set (and monitored) remotely, water warmed for your return from the cross country course and text messages sent  if too much movement is detected whilst your horse is boxed.

Our control platforms also enable remote monitoring and alerts between properties. If your stables have security cameras, or a control solution in place you can monitor everything that’s happening back at home from one simple interface as well as send instructions, alerts and reminders for yourself or staff. Our systems can be installed during the build stage of your wagon as well as retro-fitted in all brands/models of vehicles.


Our smart home systems are incredibly scalable. Whether you’re living full time in a tiny home or enjoying the vanlife dream at weekends, we think a smart home by YSH is the perfect choice! Our systems can control and monitor both 12v and mains power, and as well as all the standard smart home offerings we can also integrate your energy monitoring, water levels, solar generation and more. If you are living off-grid we understand how important conserving energy can be, so we can easily program devices to turn off every evening when solar generation is low.

Current installations we have carried out to date in campervans and tiny homes include lighting and heating control, mini-home cinemas, audio streaming, security monitoring, battery charge control, bed lifts and more! These systems can also be linked to other properties so you can monitor your home, office etc whilst away.