YSH multi room systems provide entertainment for every room in your home, enabling flawless streaming of audio and visual from a central hub. There is no longer the need to agree on what to watch or who to listen to. Our intelligent multi room systems can all be controlled independently so you can relax to music in the bath whilst the other half watches a film in the cinema and the children watch their favourite TV series in the snug. Our advanced networking ensures no loss of audio or visual quality, and your home control system enables remote access to your music and film library so you can view remotely.


Creating the perfect whole-house audio system is no longer a compromise between sound quality and aesthetics. Our state of the art audio equipment can produce the highest quality of sound for the true audiophile whilst complimenting your interior design through flush-mounted (or even invisible) speakers.

Our intelligent systems enable every member of the family to choose music to their own taste and enjoy wherever they want. Your music can even follow you around the house as you move from room to room, perfect for busy households. We have numerous options for storing your own music as well as streaming from popular online services including Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music, all controlled from one single, future-proof interface.

Automated modes are the perfect choice for entertaining, select party mode to begin your selected playlist with pre-set volume levels for each room in the house and locked control interfaces to stop guests turning up the volume or changing tracks.


TV distribution runs hand in hand with audio, and the technological advances in ultra high definition and 4K televisions ensure superior visual quality in every room of the house. Multi room video systems allow easy access to multiple sources, including your own library, Sky Box, games console or DVD player. Different programs or sources can be viewed effortlessly from different rooms in the home and new sources can be easily added to ensure your system is 100% future-proof. Our range of bathroom TVs ensure your mutli room system is a true whole-house solution.

We recommend storing all your films and TV boxsets on one central system to enable effortless access from any room in the house or whilst you’re away from home. Alternatively we can stream all your digital downloads from one single player in multiple rooms.