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Modern Home Magazine – March 2020

Will Hopkins looks at the advances in outdoor smart technology including lighting, TVs and sound, and how to create the perfect outdoor party atmosphere!

“Alongside enabling your garden to be used in whole new ways – as an extension of your home for entertaining and relaxing – the addition of outdoor smart home technology has the potential to increase the resale value of a property,”

Essential Install – March 2020

Our CEO Will Hopkins discusses the importance of training in the Custom Install market and the need for both practical experience and theory.

“I am a firm believer in training – if the professional CI industry wants to standout as being dierent from other trades, training is pivotal, however, training itself is not enough. Training needs to be coupled with experience to really hold and have meaning.”

importance of training
hidden wires working relationships

Hidden Wires – February 2020

Will Hopkins discusses working relationships and the importance of getting appropriate specialist teams in place for projects to run smoothly.

Empire Magazine – Jan 2020

Home Alone in the Digital Age – How a remake of the Christmas classic movie Home Alone might look with today’s modern technology.

home alone in the digital age
elan lord fink release

London Home of Lord Fink – Aug 2019

Elan features our 12,500 square foot installation in the home of Lord Fink. This project features 800 lighting fixtures, a cinema room, gym, sauna and 12 zones of audio.

KbbReview – Sept 2018

Will Hopkins,  gives advice and insight to  retailers on getting involved with Smart Home Technology.

TMT News – The 2018 Telecoms Awards – July 2018

For the third consecutive  year, Your Smart Home have  again received commendation at the TMT awards, this time being named “Best for Luxury Smart Home Installations – UK”.

Vodafone Blog – October, 2017

Want to dip your toes in the smart home waters? We caught up with Will Hopkins, managing director of UK-based Your Smart Home, to find out how switching on could help you switch off.

TMT Winners Your Smart Home

TMT News – The 2017 Telecoms Awards – July 2017

Your Smart Home have  again received commendation at the TMT awards, this time being named “Best for Luxury Smart Home Installations – UK”.  Coupled with last year’s award, Your Smart Home continues to go from strength to strength, offering  a  service of distinction, continuing to fulfil our brief of “Comfort and Control, without the Complication”.

InsideCI – June 2, 2016

The client says he is thrilled with the outcome of the project, “in particular when it works so well you don’t event need to think about it, it just works.”

Inside CI Cover Your Smart Home's Showroom at Sub Zero Wolf
Design Retail Feature Your Smart Home at Sub Zero Wolf

Design:Retail – June 2016

What is cooking in the newly remodelled London Sub-Zero and Wolf show-room? A  taste of delectable smart tech improvements are on the menu.

TMT News – The 2016 Telecoms Awards

Your Smart Home have been awarded the prestigious, “Most Cutting-Edge Smart Home Installations 2016 – UK” award by the 2016 Telecoms Awards

Telecoms Award 2016
IOT Retail Touch Points Article

Retail Touch Points – May 12, 2016

Appliance retailer Sub-Zero & Wolf offers a variety of home appliances with hefty price tags, so the brand turned to Your Smart Home, a technology integration firm, to design and install an integrated A/V infrastructure inside its London-based showroom, to upgrade from previous systems that had proven unreliable, while also offering customers a high-end shopping experience.

Commercial Integrator Europe – 29th March 2016

Sub-Zero & Wolf knew that it had a lot of work to do when it came to renovating its Knightsbridge showroom in London, which is why it enlisted outside help in the form of integration firm Your Smart Home.

Your Smart Home Feature in Commercial Integrator Europe for Sub Zero & Wolf Show Room
Telegraphy Luxury Covers Your Smart Home on the Connected Home

Telegraph Luxury – June 19, 2014

Your Smart Home’s approach is to “de-clutter and simplify” the way we interact with all devices, controlling television, music system etc with a single remote control or a smart phone.

Will Hopkins Speaks to Hidden Wires on Multi Room Audio

HiddenWires – 5th December 2011

Multiroom audio has long been an integral part of custom installation. With an ever-expanding marketplace, greater product diversity, and an increasing variety of sources to integrate, choosing the best system for the job can be a challenge.

HiddenWires – 5th October 2011

As smart home technology starts to become more commonplace in the UK, the demand from consumers to integrate even more appliances continues to grow. Whilst many of the new domestic offerings come in a wireless form, there is still no beating a wired system when it comes to speed, reliability and fault-finding. With home automation now spanning every aspect of living however, even the simplest of automation jobs can be far from straightforward.

Hidden Wires Article Will Hopkins Your Smart Home
Smart Home Technologies - Sustainability by Design - Will Hopkins

Association for Consultancy and Engineering – July 2011

In the closing years of her life Mother Teresa reflected on her work, acknowledging that it “was just a drop in the ocean”. However, she continued with: “But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” This rather poignant testimony to her valuable work sets the scene for how we should establish long-term sustainability.