A seamless smart home control solution brings all the features of your home together in one simple device, such as a touch screen or phone. This enables your lighting, music, TVs, climate and security to be controlled from anywhere with just the touch of a button.

All of our home automation projects have two things in common; unrivalled functionality and effortless simplicity. We pride ourselves in creating fully automated, technologically advanced, beautiful homes that are refreshingly easy to control. Every project we do is different, which is why we spend time getting to know you and your family so that we can design a system that works perfectly for the way you use your home.

At Your Smart Home we appreciate how precious time at home is. We also recognise the need to transition your home space swiftly from work to play, family time to relaxation. We’re surrounded by technology all the time and we believe it should function effortlessly in the background, seamlessly integrated together to enhance everything you and your family do. This in turn will save you time, energy and money.


Our home automation systems bring together everything in your home. There’s an exhaustive list of all the things we can incorporate into a smart home solution but many of our systems feature a few things in common: the control of lighting including day light through the automation of blinds; multi-room audio and visual enabling music, film and TV throughout your home; security utilising CCTV and door entry systems; climate control to keep every room at the perfect temperature. As well as these core features of our systems we can also automate things including your bath, coffee machine, fire pit, oven, swimming pool and more!


Our smart home solutions mean everything in your home is controlled through one interface. This means no more hunting around for endless remote controls and also makes the system incredibly user friendly and simple for all the family to use.

Control your home from anywhere with a touch screen, smart remote, phone or a combination of all three. You can incorporate elegantly designed light switches into your system or leave them out for clean, minimalistic walls; with our bespoke systems flexibility is unrivalled. The advancements in voice control technology now also mean you can opt to control your system simply by asking, for example through an Amazon Echo or Google Home device.


YSH systems allow for full automation of functionality. Lights can automatically come on to pre-set levels as the sun sets, all lights can be programmed to turn off as you leave the house and pre-set mood scenes will set the tone whilst you entertain. Our team can programme your heating to automatically turn off as you leave the house and set presence simulators to keep your home safe. Blinds that close whilst the lights dim, cinema screen drops and your projector fires up can also be effortlessly programmed. Importantly, everything that is automated can also easily be manually overridden so you’re always fully in control.


A huge advantage of home automation is its energy saving capabilities, which is not only healthy for the environment but also for your pocket! As our systems acquire information on how you use your space they start to learn about your lifestyle and can make automated decisions about lighting and heating accordingly. We can ensure lights are not left on as well as cutting power to devices not in use.

It is also possible to integrate your solar and wind generated power so you can monitor energy production and consumption all from one device.