Home automation technologies lend themselves perfectly to many medical, assisted living and care-giving environments, and we believe they’re used at their best when helping to make everyday life easier.

Your Smart Home have combined years of experience in smart home technology, along with a portfolio of successful assistive care projects to develop a range of solutions aimed specifically at assisting those in need of environmental controls to make life easier and safer, whilst giving loved ones peace of mind.


Our control interfaces are where the user interacts with the system, so it’s vital that this meets their specific needs. Every element of this interface is customisable enabling buttons to be enlarged, reshaped, resized, simplified and even put in to high contrast or specific visibility settings with acoustic feedback. Remote notifications can also be sent, for example, a light being left on overnight in a bedroom can message a carer so they can check up on the user.


YSH offer the ability to control any lighting circuit in the house through our simple interface. Turning off lights can be simplified with an “all off” switch to turn off lights in specific rooms or the whole house. Through our advanced lighting automation lights can be programmed to automatically come on based on presence detection or movement, and they can similarly automatically turn off when certain conditions are met.


We can offer the ability to adjust the temperature of any room independently and to set schedules through a simple interface. Authorised remote access also offers the ability for carers to remotely set levels and monitor history.


Security matters; we give users the ability to see who’s at the door and enjoy two way audio with them before remotely buzzing them in, or calling for help if required.


Whether it’s for security, or whether it’s simply to get a view of the garden, our simple interface displays user’s CCTV cameras with full movement control and DVR recording functionality.


One of the most innovative features of our systems is our intercom. Carers and family can intercom through our touchscreen, Android or Apple device to make sure that everything is ok. This intercom can be to a permanently installed touchscreen or to the users iPad for example.

An example of this in use would be where the system has transmitted a remote notification to alert a carer that the user has failed to follow their usual routine – the carer could use their installed touchscreen, to remotely view the camera on the users touchscreen. A privacy light will illuminate and the carer can speak through to the home to check everything is ok. (NB there are privacy settings which also require the users to answer for video to be transmitted). This can also be used by relatives to check up on a loved one. In warden controlled type scenarios, 32 touchscreens from users homes could be linked back to a single warden.


Based on events or times, special notifications can be transmitted. These can be to alert carers that something might be wrong, or simply an audio announcement to remind the user to take their tablets at a certain time.

To discuss medical/assistive applications of our technology please get in touch or take a look at our NHS Mill Lodge case study.