A well designed home cinema is the ultimate way to watch your favourite films and new releases, bringing the magic of the big screen into the comfort of your own home. The developments in ultra high definition 4k video and 3D Dolby Atmos sound ensure it is now possible to create a fully immersive cinema experience in your own home, that’s as good (or better) than commercial cinemas. Our team of award-winning sound engineers, and experienced AV specialists will create the perfect balance of design and performance ensuring the result is guaranteed to be exceptional.

Home cinemas are a great option no matter how big or small your budget and can be fashioned in almost any space. They are fantastic for the whole family to enjoy as well as creating the perfect entertaining area. We offer home cinema solutions as part of a whole house integration or as stand-alone projects with many of our clients converting loft spaces, garages, dining rooms and basements into sleek, stylish cinemas. If you’ve run out of space, we also offer custom built garden cinema rooms.


We use either high definition large displays or projector screens coupled with the latest projection technology in the design of your cinema room. Premium visuals are complimented by 3D Dolby Atmos audio for the most immersive surround sound experience to date. We spec the same speakers that film makers master their sound on to ensure what you hear is exactly the impact the director intended. Speaker positioning is calculated for optimum realism as well as ensuring design aesthetics are not compromised.

All of our installations are designed around you, so whatever your style we’ll work with you to create a cinema room that is not only at the cutting edge of technology, but uniquely you. Where fixtures are required to be discrete, we have a range of options including invisible speakers and hidden projectors, or if sound quality is your main concern, we can offer a true audiophile experience.


A truly immersive home cinema goes beyond premium sound and ultra high definition visuals. Maximum impact is created by taking a range of things into consideration, including, the viewing position, room shape/size, speaker positioning, wall construction, decoration, lighting and ceiling height; get everything right and the overall experience will astound you.


We all find comfort in different things; some of our clients want a cosy sofa to watch their films, others cinema style seating, whilst others still want bespoke home cinema recliners. Whatever your style or requirements we’ll ensure your seating is in the optimum positioning, and we can also supply the latest in cinema recliners with responsive film motion for optimum comfort, immersion and relaxation.


Lighting is the final stage in the design of the perfect cinema room. Your Smart Home provide advanced ambient lighting solutions to optimise viewing and use of your cinema space, creating the perfect atmosphere. We can also install advanced lighting systems that are programmed to respond to what is happening on screen for an even more dramatic film experience.


Once all the elements are in place our attention to detail takes over. Anything that doesn’t need to be seen is hidden, including wires, movies servers, amplifiers, sky boxes etc to ensure the most seamless finish. We then program everything to automatically create the ideal cinema experience: at the push of a button the blinds close, the lights dim, the projector turns on and screens drop; the only thing we can’t do is make the popcorn for you! Manual control is also easy, whether from your home controller, smart remote, phone or just by using you voice.