We're with you every step of the way!

Your peace of mind is at the heart of everything we do at YSH, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of support packages for all budgets.

Why do I need support?

All systems that we install are designed to be as robust as possible to ensure that you have maximum enjoyment and peace of mind out of your investment. As the core of your system is software based, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to offer updates to enhance features or improve performance. Additionally, some items of kit naturally require tweaks to keep them in optimum condition. Alongside this, we realise that sometimes changes get made to your home that might effect your system. Our range of support packages help cover for all eventualities.

which package is right for me?

At Your Smart Home, we’re all about individuality. Our systems are all bespoke to our clients needs and as such, we’re happy to advise you on the package we recommend for your system, based on the equipment installed and your own personal requirements.

When is your support available?

We run a 24 hour, 365 day response service to ensure our clients have maximum peace of mind.

My project was completed by someone else, can you still support it?

We have extensive experience of taking over existing projects and act on behalf of several manufacturers as their agents for doing this in the UK, this can include when clients decide to leave their existing installer, or when the brand is concerned their reputation may be damaged.

We’re happy to extend our support offerings to projects that have been completed by others or that might require “rescuing”. We normally carry out an initial survey to determine if works need to be undertaken to bring the project into line with industry “best practice”, after which we can then subscribe you to an appropriate maintenance package.

Comprehensive Support Contract

  • 6 monthly preventive maintenance visit
  • Free email support
  • Free premium 24hr phone support
  • Two free site call outs per year
  • Rapid Response Service
  • 2 hours free remote programming
  • Free labour and programming on warranty repairs
  • 10% Upgrade Discount
  • 10% No Claims Discount

Additional features

  • Annual preventive maintenance visit
  • Free email support
  • Free phone support during office hours
  • One free site call outs per year
  • 2 Business Day Response Service
  • Reduced priced remote programming
  • Reduced labour and programming on warranty repairs
  • 5% Upgrade Discount
  • 10% No Claims Discount

Entry Level Support Contract

  • Annual preventive maintenance visit
  • Free email support
  • Reduced price phone support
  • Half price call outs
  • 3-5 Business Day Response Service
  • Reduced price remote programming
  • Reduced pricelabour and programming on warranty repairs
  • 5% Upgrade Discount
  • 5% No Claims Discount

Fully Tailored Support contract

  • Bespoke options not covered in other packages
  • Commercial and Residential
  • MDU Pricing structure
  • Ability to tailor to any requirement
  • Possibility of unlimited warranty on all kit
  • Option of emergency call outs 24 hrs
  • Custom discounts on system upgrades and services offered
  • System leasing options
  • Please ask your account manager for details

Peace of Mind - The Direct Debit Guarantee

Pay Your Smart Home Maintenance Contract by Direct Debit

We believe your smart home maintenance and support contracts should be hassle free, consequently, we’re pleased to offer Direct Debit.

What’s more, under the universal Direct Debit Guarantee, you know that the money you pay is safe, with Direct Debit offering one of the most secure and trusted payment methods available.

If you’d like to discuss a maintenance contract, for a system we’ve installed or an existing system you own, please get in touch with us here or on +44(0)20 3397 3799