Custom Smart Home Design and Home Automation Installation

Your Smart Home provides bespoke home automation systems for every budget. Our services include consultancy, design, and installation.

Home automation is not just for those that love their tech, our smart home systems are technologically advanced but brilliantly easy to use. Every member of the family can use and enjoy our systems, and you will quickly wonder why you didn't automate your home earlier.

We design to meet your specific needs

We pride ourselves in creating fully automated, technologically advanced, beautiful homes. The devil is very much in the detail, and getting every detail perfect is incredibly important to us. Our smart home systems are designed around you. Take a moment to establish your ultimate wish list and we'll design a system that fulfills it.

Improve the comfort and functionality of your home

Most of us live in automated homes already and do not realise it, for example, central heating is a simple form of home automation. YSH brings you a whole new level of home control that enables you to enhance your existing living experience through added comfort, convenience, and functionality.

Save money with a greener more efficent home

What's more, smart home technology also carries many energy saving features with most smart homes also making use of green technology. We cam help you with everything from simple automated heating to iPhone control of your multi room audio system to iPad control of your mood lighting control systems.

Our experienced team can help you create the home you want

Our team will guide you through the entire process of creating your dream smart home. The first thing we will do is chat to you about what you want and what you need. By doing this we can come up with a solution that exactly meets your requirements.

Our company ethos is to only install products that we'd have in our own homes; that isn't to say they have to be the most expensive, on the contrary they have to be the best value for money and at the top of their field in functionality, aesthetics and usability.

We partner with exclusive brands, including AMX, Elan, Rako, NuVo and Control 4, to ensure you get the very best on the market.

The technology we install will expand with your family and is designed to be future-proof so you are constantly at the cutting edge of home automation technology.

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