Get to know us!

We’ve been in the custom install industry for over 25 years so we’ll just give you the edited version of who we are – from the creation of Your Smart Home to our recent partnership with Sub Zero & Wolf for our London showroom.

Who are we?

At Your Smart Home we are dedicated to designing and installing bespoke smart home systems for your house or work space. We are industry leading experts in automation technologies and have pioneered control systems for home, commercial, marine, medical and equestrian environments.

Our directors have been in the custom install industry for over 25 years, beginning with bespoke high end audio and security technology in vehicles, and moving into home technology in 2007. Your Smart Home was established in 2011 to fully focus on the emerging use of technology in living spaces and has since become industry leaders with bespoke installations in a wide variety of settings.

In 2015 we installed a new Elan and Vimar based system into Sub Zero & Wolf, Knightsbridge, to control the show room lighting, heating, audio and video. Sub Zero & Wolf provide high end kitchen appliances and their Knightsbridge show room doubles as the perfect place to see our technologies in action, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Reliability and Expandability

YSH solutions offer unrivalled reliability, and are designed from the outset for expandability in the future – so that as new technologies become available, your home will be ready to incorporate them.

Customer Service

Our team is built on a reputation for unparalleled customer care to match their technical expertise.  We can manage your project entirely or offer support as needed to help you do it yourself. YSH are Industry Partners to the Federation of Master Builders, a Member of the British Computer Society and a KNX Partner.